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Strathcona Provncial Park 1911 - 2011

Strathcona: BC's First Provincial Park
Like Banff National Park, Canada's first national park, Strathcona Provincial Park, BC's first national park, represents all that is good and bad about the province's protected area system. It has been loved and abused for almost a century. The accompanying video presents a compressed history of the significant events that have shaped the park as told by former BC Parks staff and by long-time park activists.

BC Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Recreation and Protection

Image shows four adults sitting at a picnic table in a BC Parks campsite
With funding from Ministry of Environment, Environmental Stewardship Division (BC Parks) and from BC 150th initiative, EKOS Communications produced this short video (approx. 15 mins) which provides a historical overview of the development of British Columbia's spectacular protected area system from its beginning in the creation of Strathcona Provincial Park in 1911 to the challenges of today. The video features interviews with former park employees and a long-time environmental advocates combined with historical photographs.

Canadian Wooden Domes - Reinventing Domed Dwellings

Wooden dome building constructed by Canadian Wooden Domes
Think you know what a dome is? I thought I knew. I recalled the domes that some of my friends built and lived in. Funky structures that never seemed to live up to their potential as perhaps the best design for living and work spaces. Maybe okay for hippie communes of the 60s or back-to-the-landers of the 70s, but definitely not something you'd expect to find as suburban homes for the masses. Well a company from the Southern Interior of BC has set out to change all this.

Test Driving GM's New Hydrogen-Fuel Cell Equinox

Rick behind the wheel of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Equinox
Considered by many as the "silver-bullet" for achieving sustainable transportation, hydrogen can be made from water and returns to water or water vapour as it is converted to electricity to power vehicles. There are numerous technological challenges which result in few vehicles being produced and those that are come with very hefty price tags running into the six and seven figures.

Adapting to Climate Change in the Fraser Basin of British Columbia

Climate Change Fraser Basin title shot
As part of the Natural Resource Canada funded project on climate change adaptation in the Fraser Basin of British Columbia, EKOS produced two 12 min. videos designed to stimulate dialogue among local government representatives, scientists and engineers on how to adapt water related infrastructure. Each video applies peer-to-peer learning by having mayors, councilors and senior policy advisers as the main delivers of the message, supported by clips from three highly respect climate research scientists from University of British Columbia (UBC)



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