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The Team

The Team

Rick Searle — President/Executive Producer

Rick possesses deep and broad expertise in outreach, education and communications focused on biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and sustainability. He is an accomplished writer, author, educator, radio and television host, facilitator, video producer, program manager and team leader. He is known and praised for his innovative use of technology combined with powerful narratives to extend the reach and impact of messages with specific audiences. He is proud to have assisted a great many organizations with their outreach, community engagement, public education and communication needs including: BC Parks, Capital Regional District Parks, Parks Canada, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Islands Trust Fund, Natural Resources Canada, Metro Vancouver, Union of BC Municipalities, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. Recently he completed a four-year stint with Ocean Networks Canada where he built a national marine science education program from the ground up and through strategic collaborations with the likes of: Let's Talk Science, Vancouver Aquarium, Maritime Museum of BC, Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre, and ArcticNet.

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Starr Munro — Creative Director/Writer

A true media generalist, skilled in writing and video production, design and photography, Starr takes a cutting edge approach to the integration of new media. Armed with a passion for nature and creative learning, Starr believes EKOS Communications provides dynamic environments in which people can share their ideas and learn from each other about how best to meet the environmental and sustainability challenges that confront the planet.

Richard Fulop — Editor/Shooter

Richard brings more than nine years of experience in television and video production to EKOS Communications, Inc. Upon graduating from film school in 1998, he stayed on for two years as a teaching assistant, technical coordinator (responsible for the students on their shoots and for looking after the equipment), and as an editing instructor. He moved into television as a videographer and camera operator for Shaw TV's THE DAILY. A short while later, he took a position as an editor at The New VI when they launched on October 4, 2001. It is here that he met Tasha and Rick. Three years later, he left the New VI to work in Los Angeles as an editor for TLC's Untold Stories of the ER - something he continues to do on a piecemeal basis. In late 2005, he joined the EKOS Communications team.

Prarie Blake — Webmaster

Specializing in business-to-business data communications, Prarie has integrated clients including Home Depot, Xerox Canada, Amazon, and the Government of British Columbia. Prarie became involved with EKOS Communications, Inc. to offer a venue for innovative and intelligent media that invites people to become engaged and empowered to make effective and positive change for the environment and sustainability. He possesses deep skills as a programmer with Open Source Content Management Systems that lend themselves to customization to the unique communication challenges presented by such issues as climate change.


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