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Climate Change a Hoax?

In yesterday's Globe and Mail, an article reported on a new study conducted by the National Centre for Atmospheric Research that forecasts "more extended droughts, heavy rainfalls and longer heat waves over the next century because of global warming" throughout the world but most especially in western United States, Mediterranean region and Brazil. The report also warns of fewer freezes and a longer growing season. Assuming there is enough water!

Can you say "Kyoto"? (Canada's new Clean Air Act)

Apparently Canada's Conservative government cannot. There's not even a mention of the protocol to which the country is a signator in their just-released "Clean Air Act." Not that this is the new legislation's worse offence. The bill sets no short-term targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Instead, so-called "intensity targets" will be put in place which will require industries to reduce the amount of energy used per unit of production, without placing a hard cap on emissions.

Now before going any further it should be noted that Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his cabinet are touting the act as the centre-piece of their so-called "made-in-Canada" environmental agenda. This misrepresentation of the truth would be laughable, if it weren't so tragic. While the act itself was crafted in Canada, core concepts, such as intensity targets, were developed and copyrighted by American neo-conservatives and promoted by US president, George Bush and his administration.

Picking Up Again

After a long-period of silence, I'm going to attempt to pick up this blogging thing again. It's not easy. There are many demands on my time and somehow sharing a few thoughts, opinions or perspectives on environmental current affairs or the latest goings-on within ekostv with you, the viewer, always seems to fail to become a priority when compared with producing new videos.

Trekking for Social Change

I just got back from an amazing 6 day trek through Guatemalan highlands with a company called Quetzaltrekkers. The guides are all volunteers and all proceeds go to a school for street kids in Quetzaltenanago. This the only organization of this kind that I have come across in my travels so far and I think it is really amazing.

Hot chocolate...the real thing!

Lanquin is a small town near Coban, Guatemala. I was there recently, relaxing after a hectic week in Antigua. It is a beautiful place, nestled in the hills, beside a river perfect for tubing, and surrounded by Quiche Maya living some what traditional lives.



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