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March 2010

Who do we think we are? Symptoms of the State of the Universe?

Two people walking towards the viewer, backlight, barely can see details or colours. Silvery cast to overall image, encompassing
Alan Watts maintains that, from birth, we have acquired "a learned belief that what is outside of me is not me" and that this belief "naturally sets up a fundamental sensation of hostility and estrangement between ourselves and the so-called external world, and leads us to talk of the conquest of nature, the conquest of space, and to view ourselves in a sort of battle stance vis a vis the world outside of us." He continues "I want to examine the strange feeling of being an isolated self. Actually it is completely absurd to say that we came into this world. We didn't, we came out of it. ... . Surely all our scientific knowledge about living organisms shows us that we grow out of this world, that each of us might be called a symptom of the state of the universe as a whole." Very provocative ideas. If humankind is the symptom, then what is the state of the universe?

Sustainability Starts With Personal Lifestyle Choices

dark form of woman walking towards viewer on a wet sandy beach with a setting sun casting a mauve and pink hue over clouds, wate
Sustainability is a matter of personal choice(s). After more than 3 years of striving for a sustainable lifestyle, one that is balanced and integrated, I think I'm just about there. Well, much closer, anyway. Since taking on the role of Manager of Communications and Engagement with Ocean Networks Canada, I have been steadily letting go of other responsibilities and commitments. Teaching was the first to go. Not an easy choice, as I'll miss the engagement with students, but it demanded so much of my time, energy and attention...grading assignments especially. At the moment, I'm shutting down the not-for-profit society, Nous Autres Canada, Inc. (a.k.a EcoLiteracy Canada) that I have chaired for the past 10 years.


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