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November 2007

Earth's Eighth Continent

[ever stop to consider how much garbage washes up on our beaches, most of it plastic? If you have, you might have also wondered how much more is floating around in the ocean. Just how much would probably astound you. At least that was my reaction upon reading this article came through my e-mail today. ~rs]

Canada creates huge forest reserves

[I've been so focused on climate change over the past few weeks that I missed this fabulous bit of news a few days ago. ~rs]

Flathead Wild Multimedia Presentation

[Wish I could take this in but I'll be attending a workshop in Vancouver focused on securing adequate financial support for BC Parks. If you are not Victoria based, be sure to watch for this presentation in your city as I suspect this is part of a larger tour. I've heard Harvey speak many times and I can assure he is a powerful orator and the campaign is important. So get out and support it. ~rs]


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