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Texas freezes agency's funding after air pollution data released.

A few casual words and the early release of some scientific data have cost the San Antonio region much-needed state funds to battle its growing air pollution problem. The misstep, which appears to have been unintentional, highlights the sensitivity of studying oil and gas pollution in business-friendly Texas.
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New map could refocus California's pollution battles.

The California Environmental Protection Agency has released a statewide list of census tracts most burdened by pollution, providing a first-of-its-kind ranking certain to pressure regulators to clean up neighborhoods with long-standing health risks.
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US urged to tackle lead in aviation gasoline.

Consumer advocates, public health workers and environmental groups here are calling on the federal government to take a formal step towards regulating the use of lead in aviation gasoline, despite a failure to do so for nearly two decades. The United States is one of the few countries that continue to allow the use of lead in aviation gasoline.
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Suit alleges shoe boxes contain ingredient in rat repellent.

A major manufacturer of anti-fungal products has filed suit in Los Angeles against a competitor, contending that hundreds of thousands of shoe boxes coming into U.S. ports each day could contain a chemical used in rat repellent.
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One man's obsession with EPA and toxic waste in his neighborhood leads all the way to the Supreme Court.

For most of the past decade, Tate MacQueen has dedicated himself to getting toxic waste left in his Asheville, N.C., neighborhood cleaned up. MacQueen isn't just angry with the former owner of the facility, CTS Corp, but also EPA, which he says has criminally mismanaged the site.
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Baltimore, other big cities back EPA in Bay cleanup dispute.

Baltimore has joined with other major U.S. cities in defending the federal government's authority to impose a "pollution diet" on the Chesapeake Bay.
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Brushing teeth with sewer water next step as Texas faces drought.

Wichita Falls, a city of more than 104,000, suffering the worst drought on record, is about to become the first place in the U.S. to treat sewage and pump it directly back to residents.
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In South Carolina, leaders reconsider drilling along the coastline.

The push to start drilling in the Atlantic Ocean is gaining momentum and dividing people along the grand coast of South Carolina, where some local leaders fear what it could mean for tourism.
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Want to stop climate change? Take the fossil fuel industry to court.

Big Carbon is thought to be taking climate-change lawsuits very seriously - especially after a federal appeals court found in 2005 that U.S. cities and even individuals suffering economic and other damages from climate change had standing to sue under the National Environmental Policy Act.
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Better climate data could help Tanzania curb malaria.

Tanzania is enlisting climate data in a new approach to curbing malaria. Enhancing National Climate Services is designed to identify long-term drivers of the disease by compiling historical climate data and making it available for analysis by health policy-makers.
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Canada aims to ease whale protection as pipeline decision looms.

Canada has recommended taking humpback whales off the "threatened" species list, two months before the government is due to decide whether to approve a proposed pipeline that would lead to half a million barrels of oil being shipped through their Pacific marine habitat every year.
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Duke Energy: Moving coal ash away from North Carolina rivers and lakes would cost up to $10 billion.

Duke Energy told North Carolina lawmakers Tuesday that removing all of the company's coal ash away from the state's rivers and lakes would take decades and cost up to $10 billion, with its electricity customers likely footing nearly all the bill.
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Federal probe finds regulatory shortcomings leading up to West, Texas, blast.

Although the cause of the deadly blast at West Fertilizer Co. remains a mystery, a federal agency on Tuesday said the tragedy was preventable, citing shortcomings in existing regulations and standards at all levels of government.
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New York City air quality rules would target restaurants, food trucks.

Mayor Bill de Blasio backs proposed antipollution laws that would require many restaurants and commercial kitchens to install emission filters on ovens and char-broilers, ban new wood-burning fireplaces and encourage refrigerated trucks to switch to battery power from diesel fuel.
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Florida senate scales back major springs bill.

Mired in a spat between property owners, the business lobby and local governments, a Senate panel on Tuesday gutted a proposal once hailed as a major step to protect Florida's dying springs.
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Who's protecting whom from deadly toxin?

Questions are swirling around a science journal's decision last year to publish a description of a newly discovered botulinum toxin while omitting key genetic details that researchers would normally disclose.
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Lower-income teens aren't getting enough sleep, researchers say.

African American high school students and boys in low- to middle-income families reported short, fragmented sleep, and that could play a role in their health risks, researchers reported Monday.
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Cow dung resistant to antibiotics.

Cow manure is commonly used to fertilize vegetable crops, and a US study out Tuesday found it contains a high number of genes that can fuel resistance to antibiotics.
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Process turns salt water into industrial acid.

While many in our community take the time to protest against CSG exploration at Bentley, there is a small company at Evans Head quietly undertaking research that will clean up wastewater produced by CSG mining.
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Toxic waste discovered on Okinawa US military sites.

New troubles over the controversial US base on the Japanese island of Okinawa now being fueled by the discovery of military toxic dump sites as Obama begins week-long tour of Asia in Japan.
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