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Picking Up Again

After a long-period of silence, I'm going to attempt to pick up this blogging thing again. It's not easy. There are many demands on my time and somehow sharing a few thoughts, opinions or perspectives on environmental current affairs or the latest goings-on within ekostv with you, the viewer, always seems to fail to become a priority when compared with producing new videos. So why am I re-starting my blog then? Good question. I don't have a ready answer. Maybe it's because the idea of a personal blog intrigues me. I'm really not to clear as why it does so. It's certainly not about ego. I have no need to have something that's "all about me." Such attachment I see as underpinning much of what's wrong with the world. The global environmental and social crisis fundamentally arises from a spiritual crisis. Too many people don't know who or what they truly are. In a vain and sorry attempts to fill this spiritual hole in the soul, they stuff themselves with stuff - and the more the better. At least this is so within the more wealthy nations of the world. I could say a lot more on this topic but will save it for another time. For the moment, though, I'd like to pick up on why I'm drawn to blogging. I know from previous experience as a freelance writer that nothing so sharpens one's thoughts as writing them down. As another writer once put it: "How do I know what I think until I see what I write?" So maybe this desire to re-commence blogging is really about an exercise in clarifying my thoughts and ideas. There is the potential for it to be much more than this, of course. If you, for example, wish to respond to something I've written, an opportunity for a dialogue emerges in which we can learn from each other. Whatever the reasons, let's see what happens next.


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