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Climate Change a Hoax?

In yesterday's Globe and Mail, an article reported on a new study conducted by the National Centre for Atmospheric Research that forecasts "more extended droughts, heavy rainfalls and longer heat waves over the next century because of global warming" throughout the world but most especially in western United States, Mediterranean region and Brazil. The report also warns of fewer freezes and a longer growing season. Assuming there is enough water! In any event, I was amused to see that someone had posted a comment after the article stating that "climate change was a liberal hoax." Tell that to the cabbie I met in Whitehorse a month ago, I thought. This fellow told me of giving a ride for an elderly Inuit couple who were down from the high North for medical treatment. Turns out that they had been terrorized a week or so before their trip to Whitehorse by something that their people had never experienced nor had words or concepts to describe. What was it? A thunderstorm complete with lightening! Across the Arctic, indigenous people are seeing many things unknown in their oral history. The appearance of robbins and barn swallows, the disappearance of permafrost and pack ice, the appearance of strange flowers, insects and fish species, increasing frequency of heavy rainfalls followed by mudslides and severe flooding - all unprecedented and all taken as evidence of rapid climate change by the Inuit and by most of the world's scientists. There are, sadly, a few oddballs out there who still maintain that climate change is a hoax...and that the Earth is flat. References: Globe and Mail. "Extremes get worse in wild-weather future" by Seth Borenstein. Posted at 5:09pm EDT on Oct. 20, 2006. "Arctic thunderstorms seen as latest signal of climate change" (November 14, 2000) "Arctic Thaw" by Charles W. Petit (Nov. 8, 2004)


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